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This Chip Changes Everything: Accelerating Cutting-edge AI in the Mid-Market

This Chip Changes Everything: Accelerating Cutting-edge AI in the Mid-Market

At Mobile World Congress 2018, we unveiled the latest addition to our Helio family of mobile chipsets – the MediaTek Helio P60. The Helio P60 comes at an interesting time in the industry where we’re seeing mid-range devices catching up in power, efficiency and rich features to that of high-end flagship devices. In the age of iteration in smartphone development and $800-$1,000 flagships, we’re seeing a shift in the mobile landscape where the next era of smartphone innovation is taking place in emerging and mid-markets. This is where the Helio P60 fits – powering compelling experiences inaffordable devices.

With its dedicated machine learning hardware and MediaTek’s NeuroPilot AI technology, the Helio P60 enables original equipment manufacturers to deliver AI accelerated features, maximized performance and energy efficiency to more devices without the price markup.

Further staking a claim in our “New Premium” story, the Helio P60 garnered a lot of excitement from media, as well as recognition. The Helio P60 received the Best of MWC 2018 award from Android Authority. And that’s not all. Here’s a snapshot of what’s been said of the chipset that will change everything:

 “MediaTek isn’t bucking the current trends of how AI is used. The company is looking to support edge compute, such as performing image recognition on your smartphone, and pass data off to the cloud… Mediatek’s proven partnership with Amazon and target market of more affordable — and arguably more vibrant mid-tier devices — makes things seem promising.” – MediaTek’s Big Play For AI, Robert Triggs, Android Authority

“Earlier this week MediaTek announced a new entry in the Helio SoC line-up, the Helio P60. The P60 comes with a strategy change for MediaTek as the company is doubling down on the super-midrange ‘premium’ category and expanding that range into multiple sub-tiers.” – MediaTek Announces New Premium Helio P60 SoC, Andrei Frumusanu, AnandTech

“MediaTek wants to make midrange phones a little more powerful. The company announced the new MediaTek Helio P60 chipset at MWC 2018, silicon that offers many of the specs you would expect in a flagship phone in a more affordable chipset aimed specifically at midrange devices.” – MediaTek’s New Chipset Could Make Cheaper Smartphones A Whole Lot Smarter, Christian de Looper, Digital Trends

“While Apple and Samsung, both armed with home-grown apps processors, have a lock on the premium smartphone market, MediaTek, seeking to rebound in smartphones, is rolling out at the Mobile World Congress its Helio P60 chipset.”Mobile AI Race Unfolds At MWC,  Junko Yoshida, EE Times

“The AI-infused MediaTek Helio P60 chip made its official debut at MWC 2018 today, when there is an interesting dynamic happening in smartphones: the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 are pushing prices up, while mid-range phones are catching up in power, yet staying at the same low price.” Media are also demonstrating an appetite for affordable smartphones that still offer the many specs expected in a flagship phone.” – MediaTek Helio P60 To Power Mid-Range Phones With AI and Eight Cores, Matt Swider, TechRadar