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Introducing the Next Chapter of the New Premium

Introducing the Next Chapter of the New Premium

Last year, MediaTek began using a term, “the New Premium,” to describe a class of devices that we truly feel are setting the global standard for smartphones by balancing exceptional features with an affordable price. Today, we’re even more convinced that this is the most exciting space in smartphone development, both for the mobile industry and for consumers.

In a year when we saw high-end flagships top a $1000 price point, we saw a boom in mid-range that can stand toe-to-toe with their far pricier competition in terms of power, performance and style. Dozens of devices hit the market sporting dual cameras, slim bezels, blazing-fast performance and beautifully designed interfaces. And most of these were aimed at the growing middle class of the world’s emerging markets – populations that enjoyed the first generations of affordable smart devices and are now looking for even more refined experiences at a reasonable price. In 2017, the average selling price of smartphones rose by 25% and much of this upward movement was from budget devices to mid-range devices in markets like India and Southeast Asia.

This week, at Mobile World Congress, MediaTek showed how we plan to move this new chapter of the mobile revolution forward – by delivering the world’s first AI accelerated chipset aimed at the mid-range smartphone market.

Smartphones are finally becoming truly “smart” as on-board machine learning and AI becomes increasingly used to better understand user behaviors, resulting in faster performance, better photographs, and an all-around better user experience. We know that consumers see and want these features – and we know that they’re only going to reach their full potential if they’re available to consumers at a reasonable price point.

We also know that we’re only in the earliest of days with mobile AI and that by putting smart development tools and affordable hardware within reach of innovative developers and engaged consumers, we can foster an even more vibrant smartphone landscape with a greater diversity of experimentation and a more tempting market for investment.

And beyond AI, P60 delivers more of the features that mid-range users want – but might otherwise be restricted to devices outside of their purchasing capacity. Four Arm A73 processors deliver incredible performance for the most demanding applications – and when paired with a robust GPU, set the stage for incredible, visceral gaming and entertainment experiences. And MediaTek’s CorePilot ensures that these powerful cores are used only when needed, extending battery life across the board.

P60 also follows through on that “New Premium” promise by powering the latest dual camera setups, with features like real-time bokeh, noise reduction and AI-accelerated face and scene detection to bring an artful eye to every photograph and deliver results that belie the affordable price point of these devices.

MediaTek has always been about making great technology available to everyone and . With P60 you will see more  “New Premium” devices hit the market so  consumers can find the device that meets their needs for power, performance and intelligence without a flagship price tag.