The Top Trends Driving Connected Cars Forward

The Top Trends Driving Connected Cars Forward

Today’s cars are becoming more connected and autonomous, opening up new avenues for in-car entertainment and more ways to  keep drivers and passengers safe on the road. Let’s look at the top trends revolutionizing the automotive industry.

Precise Object Detection: Automotive millimeter Wave (mmWave) radar can accurately recognize and detect objects to alert drivers to dangers and take avoidance maneuvers. From parking assistance to lane departure warnings to collision avoidance, these systems are making roads everywhere safer for everyone.

Superior Vision Processing: More and more cars are leveraging vision-based advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to collect real-time data about everything that’s happening around a vehicle. These systems use machine learning to process vast amounts of data and deliver critical safety information.

Advanced Infotainment: Infotainment systems provide drivers with an intuitive and visual way to control the driving experience and in-vehicle environment. These systems deliver information from auto sensors, entertainment content, navigation and more so you can drive safely and enjoy the ride.

Powerful Connectivity: Manufacturers are equipping cars with more advanced telematics capabilities, providing broad networking and connectivity to quickly, reliably and efficiently transfer information. Now you can stay connected wherever you go.

We can’t wait to see how car makers will continue to push the boundaries of innovation to bring consumers more advanced driving experiences. To read about how MediaTek is powering the future of driving, check out our Autus platform.