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A Step Forward for the New Premium: MediaTek’s Helio P22

A Step Forward for the New Premium: MediaTek’s Helio P22

We’re continuing to see booming demand for “New Premium” devices that offer cutting-edge features at an affordable price. Consumers in India and China are snapping up Oppo and Vivo’s new feature-rich smartphones powered by MediaTek’s Helio P60, unveiled earlier this year. To meet mid-tier market demands, MediaTek is introducing the newest member of our Helio line of powerful and power-efficient chips: the Helio P22.

AI-accelerated experiences. Brilliant photography. Reliable, high speed connectivity. The Helio P22 is setting a new bar for accessibility to premium features. As the first chipset to bring the 12nm manufacturing process to mid-range handsets, the Helio P22 delivers sustainable high performance and outstanding power savings.

Consumers can enjoy AI accelerated camera experiences like Face ID, smart photo albums, and single-camera as well as dual-camera depth of field, powered by MediaTek’s advanced NeuroPilot technology. With dual-camera support for 13+8 megapixel setups at a fast 30 frames per second (FPS), you can snap beautiful, crisp photos on the move. And you can stay connected globally with the fast LTE connectivity on both SIM cards, and 802.11ac WiFi for high Internet throughputs.

The chipset’s octa-core Arm Cortex A53 processors offer sustainable high CPU performance while requiring low power inputs. With MediaTek’s CorePilot technology, the chipset delivers the power you need while conserving your smartphone’s battery life.

Learn more about the Helio P22 here, and see what media have said so far about the newest addition to our Helio family:

“MediaTek announced the newest member of its Helio P family, the P22. … It joins its siblings, the P23, P30, and P60, to offer device manufacturers a wide portfolio of options to keep costs low while ‘meeting mid-tier market demands.’” –  MediaTek Announces Helio P22, A New Mid-Range ‘Premium’ Octa-Core SoC, Jordan Palmer at Android Police

“MediaTek’s P series aims to bring high-end features to mid-range smartphones. … With MediaTek’s NeuroPilot that supports major AI frameworks like TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, Caffe and Caffe 2, users will get an AI baked experience courtesy of Edge AI enhancements. The artificial intelligence features OEMs can make use of most are the cameras, face recognition, depth-of-field pictures among others.” – MediaTek Wants To Power “New Premium” Smartphones With Its Helio P22 Chipset, Siddharth Chauhan at PCMag India

The Helio P22’s “resolution support of choice implies more affordable devices with elongated displays and screen notches are likely to start hitting the market in the near future.” –  MediaTek Debuts Helio P22 For “Premium” Android Mid-Rangers, Dominik Bosnjak at Android Headlines